with the recent launch of my business, website, and advertising i descided it was time to get a blog so that i can keep people up to date on the photography i am doing day to day. i look forward to comments and suggestions.
ill begin with the great opportunity to photograph two of my friends- jess and dannii – last week in florida. it was tons of fun and they were willing to let me do whatever i wanted.  Dannii wore the same kimono her mother wore to get married in.  i thought it was great.  especially because jess has lived a few years in japan himself.  if you look closely at dannii’s bouquet you will notice that it has carrots in it!  very unique and very fun.  the whole day was great.
it was especially fun to go to the beach for some inbetween and more relaxed photography. here are some of my favorites from the wedding. i hope you enjoy.