i just got back from an amazing week with the children’s miracle network. i got to be their candid, focus on the kids, photographer the entire time. we began in washington d.c. where we met lots of senators and even president bush. after that we had a chartered flight (thru delta- one of their major sponsors) to orlando, florida where the party just got bigger. we played in disney world and had lots of concerts with people like marie osmond, air supply, and lone star.

not only was this one of the biggest things that has happened to me with photography, but it was an incredible and uplifting experience. i really got to know each of the 50 children. in fact sometimes it was hard to focus my camera because i would get teary eyed. these children had such a wide range of challenges. they have each overcome so much or are still in the midst of huge struggles. it was great to see people treating them like the champions they really are.

these nest few are of our meeting with the president. this first child, brandon, ran right up to him. it was cute.


one of the delta pilots was letting the kids put on his hat.cmn141.jpgcmn15.jpgcmn9.jpg

miss america was letting the kids put on her crown.cmn7.jpgcmn8.jpg

i love this one of air supply rocking out with drew.cmn6.jpg

this is the lead singer from lone star singing with danielle.cmn2.jpg

these last few were from the last night when we had a medal ceremony. it was a great event and i don’t think many of us left with dry eyes. cmn1.jpgcmn3.jpgcmn5.jpg