we had a red eye last night and just got back from alaska. we had a great time. the highlight was backpacking through denali national park for a few days. we had two grizzly bears walk 200 yards from our camp within a half an hour of each other. i dont have any pictures of them unfortunatly because i was busy waving my arms in the air talking to the bear and walking backwards up large hill. as scared as i was i dont think they cared a bit about us. we also saw a lot of caribou, sheep, and a moose. other than that just a ton of mosquitoes. i probably have at least 30 bites.
we caught a red eye last night and so im exhausted and have a ton of work to catch up on, but here is a pic of me and tyson and one of mount mckinley. we had only about 20 minutes the whole time we wer there that we had a clear view of the mountain.