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on friday morning i photographed brianna and jeremy’s engagements in downtown chicago. this fun couple is from seattle and were in town just for the weekend while they did some planning for their wedding next year. thank you brianna and jeremy for enduring the annoying parking restrictions of downtown chicago to take photos with me. it was really fun.

here are just a few favorites.


i got to photograph victoria and jeff’s engagements this tuesday. they brought their two dogs, oliver and roxanne, along to be a part of the shoot and keep things interesting. their dogs are very important to them and so they are going to incorporate their love for animals into their wedding favors. i am very excited to victoria and jeff’s wedding next june.

thanks guys for a fun shoot.

i got my sample album for the new albums i will be offering and they are beautiful. i will be offering a 20% off sale on albums starting tomorrow and lasting through friday august 3rd. this includes an extra 20% off additional identical albums of the same or smaller size. to learn more about these albums, pricing, and cover options click here. or to order them click here.

here are some pictures:


my guestbook sample has finally come in and im really excited about it. these guestbooks are so beautiful and such a unique way to have your guests see your engagments/bridals and to leave you a special note. its actually something you will keep and will display beautifully on your coffeetable. they are made by the same company as the albums i offer and so they will look great next to, and can even match, your wedding day flushmount album. each is custom designed by me with your favorite images and still plenty of room left over for your guests to sign and leave notes. visit my website for pricing information.

last night i had a great time photographing whitney and joe. ive know whitney for a couple of years. i was her teaching assistant in the darkroom when she was a freshman. it makes me so happy that she is so happy. joe is great too. they were both so fun to be around and comfortable joking around in front of the camera. here are just a few favorites. i had a really hard time choosing between them all.

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