i am currently undergoing some rebranding. the first part of this includes a new blog. i am still working out some of the kinks but i am so happy that it is simple and i can post must larger photos. so please bookmark my new address in your browser. i will be posting from there from now on. enjoy.



last weekend my sister-in-law, stephanie was married in the columbus, ohio lds temple.  yes, i photographed the wedding which made for a busy weekend, but this couple was so easy going and happy it was a real pleasure to be a part of it.

last week i had a great time photographing kristen and marc’s intimate wedding in downtown chicago. they had recently gone on a trip around the world so they wanted their wedding to be small. this meant it was only myself, the pastor, and the couple in attendance. after the ceremony they left on a private sailboat for a night on the lake. this couple is so beautiful, laid back, and fun to be around. i had a great time.

thank you kristen and marc for letting me there.

our blurry self portrait at the end of the shoot.

i also did a few photos of my sister amber’s family while in provo.  amber, her husband greg, and their son dylan.  dylan (or dill) didn’t last more than about 10 minutes (as is normal for a two year old), but here are a couple that I liked from the shoot.  amber is due in october so i look forward to having another little boy to include in pictures next time.

i feel like i have been going nonstop and have so much to catch up on. so here is the first blog post of more to come from the family pictures and two weddings i have shot in the last couple of weeks.

i went on a short trip to utah to visit family a couple of weeks ago. while there i took some family pictures for my sister rian which included her husband sid and their two children coy, and kease. they wanted something a little more urban so we walked around downtown provo and im really happy with what we got. they are a really fun bunch as i hope you can see in the photos.

here are a few favs.

of coarse a jumping shot – i love these.

this is coy’s “i want the doughnut you promised me now” look.

on friday morning i photographed brianna and jeremy’s engagements in downtown chicago. this fun couple is from seattle and were in town just for the weekend while they did some planning for their wedding next year. thank you brianna and jeremy for enduring the annoying parking restrictions of downtown chicago to take photos with me. it was really fun.

here are just a few favorites.

i got to photograph victoria and jeff’s engagements this tuesday. they brought their two dogs, oliver and roxanne, along to be a part of the shoot and keep things interesting. their dogs are very important to them and so they are going to incorporate their love for animals into their wedding favors. i am very excited to victoria and jeff’s wedding next june.

thanks guys for a fun shoot.

our great friends bree and seth are moving away tomorrow to live in utah. so monday night we went downtown to take some urban pictures in chicago. i hope you can tell from these pictures why we love them so much. seth and bree are such fun, spontaneous, kind, and beautiful people.

we will miss you guys terribly.

kate and ryan were married on saturday at the beach city resort in michigan city. kate and ryan proved to be the most laid back couple as the the whole wedding party had the flu. in fact they were in the hopital the day before getting pumped with fluids so they could walk down the isle on their wedding day. the whole event was colorful, personal, and fun. i just loved the parasols. i had such a great time photographing these two kind and talented people. i had a very hard time narrowing it down to my favorites so keep on scrolling because i have posted a ton of photographs.

congratulations you two and have fun on your honeymoon in hawaii.

(and thank you to my husband tyson for being my assistant and chauffeur the whole day)

On Saturday I was in San Fransisco photographing Jenny and Ben’s wonderful wedding. It was a small, family oriented, intimate wedding and I was so happy to be there. Jenny and I were roomates freshman year in college and it was wonderful to see her with such an amazing guy.

We took some pre-wedding photos Friday night (for all of my future clients I can’t recommend doing photos before the ceremony enough) and then did more candids on the day of the wedding which made it a more easy going and relaxed day. Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding.

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